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February 3, 2023

GammaSwap Closes $1.7M Seed Round

GammaSwap closes $1.7M seed round to revolutionize DeFi & impermanent gains.

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DeFi Devin
GammaSwap Closes $1.7M Seed Round

GammaSwap is extremely excited to announce the conclusion of our private $1.7M Seed Round. The round was strongly oversubscribed and has reflected the confidence of many in GammaSwap’s ability to modularly scale DeFi.

Investors & Partners

We were pleased not only by the conviction of our investors in the GammaSwap thesis but also by their belief system. DeFi should be permission-less and credibly decentralized. DeFi protocols need to abstract complexity away, not increase it. DeFi is a technology for everyone not just sophisticated traders and institutions. With that said, here are the investors who have joined this round:

  • Skycatcher Crypto, VC & liquid fund that has led investments in top Web3 gaming protocols. They also have large liquid holdings in GMX & Rocket Pool.
  • Space Whale Capital, VC & Liquid Fund exclusively investing in DeFi & Infra. Backed LayerZero, Hashflow, Lido & many more.
  • Modular Capital, VC & Hedge Fund investing across crypto categories. GammaSwap is one of their first VC investments. LPs include Multicoin, ParaFi & LedgerPrime.
  • Portico Ventures, VC & Liquid Fund ran by DeFi native investors. Invested in GMX, Dopex & many more.
  • Ouroboros Capital, Crypto Native Hedge Fund. Prolifically shares Alpha on Twitter.
  • Owl Ventures, Strategic Angels Investing in Early Web3 Projects.
  • RenGen, Proprietary Trading Firm & Hedge Fund Actively Engaging in On Chain Crypto Trading.
  • Manifold Trading, A Systematic, Quantitative Investment Firm Focused on The Cryptocurrency Space.
  • coinflipcanada, Core Team @ GMX.
  • quattro, Core Team @ GMX. Advising on Tokenomics.
  • bizyugo, 2nd largest wallet on DeBank. 1st on Degen Score.
  • 0x_d24, Started in TradFi / Tech M&A. Now DeFi Native Investor.
  • Dan, Co-Founder at Rysk. Prev Core Team at Opyn (Squeeth)
  • Phil Huang, Co-Founder of DeFi Conference. Managing Partner at Orchard Street Capital.
  • Vae Victis, Crypto since 2013. DeFi Native Angel & Advisor.

Future Plans

The Seed Investment will help us expand the team, audit multiple novel product ideas and continue building awareness of the protocol.

Our future plans are to launch a Beta Testnet and then shortly after release to Mainnet & Arbitrum. Our tentative timeline to launch both the Beta Testnet and to go fully live is Q1.

We will be integrated into UniV2, SushiSwap & Balancer initially with our wrapped pools and the ability to get leveraged exposure to any token without an oracle.

We will build GammaSwap V2, an AMM with feeless DEX swaps, shortly after and then more innovative ideas around interest rate swaps, tokenomics, feeless swaps, etc.

Eventually we plan to touch every major category in DeFi.

Our code is modular so we could also integrate with other AMMs using CFMM or bonding curves and build novel structured products.

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