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Perpetual Trading

A novel primitive for scaling DeFi liquidity through permissionless risk markets


Feeless Swap Trading

DeltaSwap is a permissionless and commission free decentralized exchange for spot trading.

Instead of earning fees from spot traders, liquidity providers earn perpetual payments from borrowers. DeltaSwap reduces the spread charged to swap traders and maintains tighter pricing with centralized exchanges

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Long Volatility

Turn Impermanent Loss into Impermanent Gain. Get perpetual volatility exposure on any asset in the form of a long, short or straddle. Unlike perpetual futures, liquidations are time dependent protecting traders from large price wicks.

GammaSwap perpetuals are fully collateralized offering convex returns that mimic traditional options.

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Liquidity Provisioning

Earn by Providing Liquidity

GammaSwap supports multiple protocols like Uniswap, SushiSwap and our proprietary AMM DeltaSwap.

Liquidity providers earn swap fees from the underlying AMM and additional borrow fees from traders. In DeltaSwap, liquidity providers earn borrow fees exclusively.

The yield in GammaSwap scales directly with Impermanent Loss risk creating more efficient markets.

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